CBD with 3rd Party Lab Results in 2021 – Know the importance of Reports

People who shop for CBD oil might have come across the word like “third-party results.” Most people, especially those looking to purchase CBD first-time get confused with the words, acronyms, and unfamiliar ingredients in the reports.

This analysis is essential for the vendors and manufacturers of the CBD industry to confirm the content of THC level (0.3% or less) in the products. A few third-party tests include other content along with THC like heavy metals, microbial, and others.

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In this article, you can learn about what third-party results are and why they are important.

About third-party lab reports

All the CBD products available in the market are not reliable. A few of them are even made with poor-quality ingredients. It means a company can use anything to make CBD oil and sell them. This business is risky, and the guilty have to face criminal charges.

Third-party testing is a scenario where CPG (consumer packaged goods) and manufacturers send the product’s sample to the laboratories for tests. These laboratories help them to confirm the chemical characteristics of the product and answers to the questions including:

  • What are the impurities or components in the product?
  • Whether the product contains harmful substances?
  • Does the product reflect the contents in it accurately?

These testing reports became necessary in the health and wellness industry as product safety and quality not be compromised.

Why third-party testing important?

The primary benefit of third-party testing is, it can help you to understand what you are taking. The following are a few reasons why you have to purchase third-party lab-tested products:

  • To make sure whether the product contains the right amount of ingredients
  • It helps to ascertain that the product has appropriate THC levels
  • It can help to identify whether the organic components used in the products are in the acceptable safety margin
  • To confirm that the manufacturing and extraction methods are appropriately used or not

What you have to look at the third-party reports?

You have to look at the five analyses found in the third-party test report. A few of them are listed below:

Cannabinoid or CBD

This test proves that the CBD product has indicated CBD levels. A potent cannabinoid test will have 15 cannabinoids such as CBD, THCV, Δ-9 THC, CBDV, THCA, and more. In case you don’t find CBD within the list, then don’t use such products.

Terpenes profile

These are aromatic compounds found in plants. These are responsible for the unique flavor of CBD products. The third-party reports contain terpenes if the product is a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

In addition to the above, also look at the residual solvents, heavy metals, microbiological impurities, and pesticides in the lab reports. A reliable manufacturer works with evidence-based practices, technologies, and transparent labs to provide third-party tested reports. To obtain effective results, choose the best store that offers third-party test reports and order your favorite CBD products today.

June 14, 2021 admin