How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Oklahoma still makes it a crime to possess recreational marijuana. They also have some of the country’s most liberal medical marijuana regulations.

A medical marijuana patient license allows you to possess medical marijuana legally. You can also grow your marijuana.

Continue reading to learn how you can obtain your Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Oklahoma Medical Card Requirements

You must be a legal resident to become an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient. You must also be at least 18 years of age.

A recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor is also required. You must also agree with your doctor that MMJ treatment is possible.

A caregiver can help a minor complete the application.

A caregiver is an adult assistant who assists medical marijuana patients in their treatment. They can assist with many tasks for their patient by obtaining a caregiver license.

These include:

  • Medical cannabis purchase
  • Transport of medical cannabis
  • Giving medical marijuana to patients

Caregivers must have a minimum of 21 years old.

Potential caregivers must not have any violent felonies to be approved. Potential caregivers must be clean of drug-related felonies. They can’t have any convictions within the past ten years.

Background checks must be completed during the application process.

How To Get Medical Marijuana Card Online?

It is easy to get an OK medical marijuana card online. It takes just minutes to get your recommendation for a medical card online. The card is valid for a whole year.

Instead of visiting a doctor in person, consult with an online physician instead. This saves time and money.

Telehealth platform physicians are licensed to recommend medical cannabis in their state.

They keep up-to-date with all state cannabis laws and regulations. They are also knowledgeable about medical marijuana. They know how medical marijuana can be used to treat many health conditions.

Read reviews written by thousands of patients who were happy to complete the online process.

You will need to select the telehealth provider that you wish to use. Next, could you create an account through their website? Creating an account and selecting your state will be explained to you.

Please be prepared to enter basic information such as name, address, and birth date. After you have entered your information, you can pay the fee to schedule your appointment with a doctor.

You can meet with your doctor via video chat when you make an appointment. This call is intended to discuss medical marijuana’s potential benefits for your current health condition.

Your past and current medical history may be discussed with the physician. Ask any questions about MMJ.

Your physician will sign the physician recommendation form if they agree that medical marijuana may benefit you. Then you can move on to your state application.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Oklahoma has made recreational marijuana illegal. Therefore, getting a medical cannabis card offers some important benefits.

Avoid A Misdemeanor For Possession

A misdemeanor crime is being caught outside your home with medical marijuana in possession without a valid card.

You can legally consume marijuana if you have a valid medical certificate. If you have a medical condition, a maximum of 1.5 ounces can be seized, and a $400 fine may be imposed. Without one, the penalty could be as high as a $1,000 fine or a year in jail.

Grow Your Own OK MMJ

You can also cultivate cannabis plants yourself. Patients can grow up to six mature plants and six seedlings per day.

Cities and counties can establish guidelines that allow patients to exceed the limits if necessary.

Third-Party-Tested Marijuana

Access to third-party certified products from dispensaries is another benefit that patients receive by having their registry ID card. You can also order from licensed Oklahoma dispensaries to avoid growing your plants.

Employee Protections

Anti-discrimination protections may also be available to you. An OK patient may not be penalized by a school, employer, landlord, or landlord just because they use medical marijuana.

Employers are not allowed to take any action against Oklahoma medical marijuana users who fail a drug screening. They may ban marijuana use at work and during working hours.

Out-Of-State Access

These benefits could extend to other states. A state with medical marijuana reciprocity accepts valid medical cards from other states. You may be allowed to legally use medical marijuana if you travel and stay in another state.

November 18, 2022 Jessica