Right Earrings For Babies – What To Know

Traditional piercings were the first choice of every mother when it came to piercing the ears of their daughter. With the changing trend, many designs of earrings are available even for babies. You can choose the best one by going through all the available options.

Many websites claim to offer the right earrings for your daughter after you get their ears pierced. However, none can offer the quality and guarantee like the products of Body Pierce Jewelry. Starting from the screw back earrings to studs, you will find hundreds of options here. You can go through them and make a wise decision.

Things to consider 

Baby’s earrings are not just like the earrings for the adult ears. Hence, you should give importance to many factors while finalizing one for your daughter as her first earring.

  • Material 

Go with the options that are made with high-quality metals like gold, rhodium, platinum, silver, etc., as the first earring for your child. These top-quality metals are ideal for the sensitive ears of your daughter to get adjusted with the idea of having an earring in each of them.

  • Size 

The ideal and recommended size for a baby’s earrings can be between 3mm to 4mm. You should even give importance to the size of the posts of the earrings, and the ones that you choose should be smaller than that of the adult earrings. Little ones feel comfortable wearing the earrings with smaller posts.

  • Earring designs 

The available forms of earring backs in the world of earrings for the little ones are butterfly backs and screw backs.

Butterfly backs 

These options are also known by the names push-back earrings and friction-back earrings. You will find the convenience and ease in these earring options as they back to the loops just like a butterfly. However, these do not offer the same level of secured features as the screw back earrings.

Screw back 

Screw back earrings, as the name says, are the type of earrings that are tightened with the help of a screw-like unit behind the ear. These are fancy to look, elegant to use, and are secured very tightly. Hence, you need not worry about your child losing the earrings anytime in the future because of the loosened loops.

Why screw back? 

Here are some of the factors that can make you look for the screw back earrings for your daughter.

  • Difficulty to remove 

Babies and toddlers tend to move around and these screw back earrings will not be loosened easily unless you wish to remove them.

  • Added safety

The butterfly back earring loops will be just pushed into the earring post from behind the ear, and hence there are high chances of the loops loosening or even falling off from the post. This is not the case in the screw back earrings as they are screwed tight into the posts and will not be loosened even if your daughter tries to do so out of curiosity.

The first earring experience is a precious one for both you and your child. Make it beautiful, less painful, and also worth it by choosing the right type of earring.

January 7, 2022 admin